4 Steps To Launching Your Boat

The song “I’m on a boat” became so popular that whenever people were on a boat, they instagrammed it with a caption of those words. Almost every yacht photo had that exact caption for a time. Who could blame them? Being on a boat is truly a luxury for the few. It sort of means you’ve made it. Especially if you’ve got a girl or two in one hand and a glass of champagne on the other. It’s the ultimate symbol of accomplishment.

Owning a boat is another story. You have to take care of it, and know all the protocol there is in using it. This is an article to guide you on how to launch your boat in 4 steps.


First is to prepare your boat away from the launch. Try not to block anyone waiting to launch their own respective boat. Go through your pre-departure to do list again. That is, remove all tie-downs, then load the supplies needed for the boat, then put in the drain plug if there is none, then disconnect the lights of the trailer, then remove the motor travel support, then trip up to avoid damaging the prop, then attach a bow line to steady the boat.


The second step is to line up your vessel with the launch dock and ready the bow lines.

The third step is to get back into the water until the lower unit cooling water intake holes are completely submerged.

Then the fourth step is to release the winch line, then slowly reverse the boat off the trailer. There you have it! Your boat is out in the water.