Marine electronics advice, tips

A boat owner must be aware for the need to always check their craft especially the electronic and electrical aspects of the boat before sailing. One must start at the source of the problem, and the most important part is the battery, if your battery is old and you feel that it is not working good then you need to examine it and possibly clean all the parts of the battery and their connections to ensure where the problem  occur.


After the season where you use your boat more often there is a possibility for the boat have a problem to the wires and it can lead to a very big problem while sailing. Better be aware of all the dust and the moisture from the wire electronic devices on the boat are very sensitive to that better check everything before doing the pleasure fo sailing.

You also need to check all the lights and their fuses it is very important to know the status of your boat especially if you plan to use it at night time, you need to be sure to prevent form having problem  in the middle of the night at sea. Clean and be sure your spot is well organize and you need to check the transducer,be cure to have an extra parts for everything in the boat it is very important to be ready at all times and also the 臭氧殺菌.

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