Installing an Automatic Identification System (AIS) in a boat

AIS is just a small receiver box it is very to install in your boat you don not need to have  a big space to put the receiver. There are approximately three connections to be made in installing this device and you can have a test by using your laptop or your personal computers. The connection of the power is located at the switch to directly turn it on and off, these are the basic method of installing this device.


You need to know that the antenna of this receiver is not the same as the one that typical boater is using. You maybe have to use the BNC connector on the antenna and it is ca not be found in the boat store. Maybe the store owner can help you to find an adapter and it is very easy to find in the boat store or in the radio shack.

There is a specific antenna fo your AIS receiver but it can not be easier to find. It is possible to use a standard 3 VHF marine antenna and it is working good for the receiver. There are so many specific ways to install your receiver and this is jut a simple and a basic help for the new user of this device just check further on their website for further information and also this website company that are very interesting.

Many thanks to our business partner Brandon D. Ogrady that shared this useful idea and information to us!