3 Facts For the Romantic Boater

How do you make someone fall in love with you? Why take them on a boat trip, what else. Here are some facts about the wonderful hobby of boating that will put hearts on your eyes.

1. 88.1 million Americans participated in boating in 2012. 55.7% are male while 44.3% are female.

This is good news for romantics. That means both there are a significant number of people who are enthusiastic about going boating. And a good division among males and females. In addition to this, fishing from a boat remains the most popular activity while going boating. 63% of people who go boating are trying to catch a big fish from their boat.


2. One-third of people in a relationship prefer non-traditional dates like hiking or fishing.

32.7% of males and 37.4% of females think so. Movies are just plain boring, plus there’s no interaction at all. Especially if you’re in a bad movie. But fishing and boating, wow, now that’s a unique date I’d like to be in. Not only do you get to share a stunning view with someone, you also get to spend some alone time with the person you love. If you are a busy sales person or marketing guru, now it is time to stop your busy cyber tasks now and think about, maybe there maybe are more important things than your project campaign or group requests from your cell phone app, like What’s App…etc.  What could be more ideal than that?

3. 85.4% of men and women ages 18-29 prefer a non-traditional date because it adds excitement to the relationship.

This fact alone would make you want to go to the nearest dock and rent out that fancy boat. Invite your date and you’ll surely be a winner.