AIS Frequently Asked Questions

AIS is a very sophisticated tracking device that is the reason why many people were asking a lot of questions of what is the contribution of this device and how it can help the tracking system. These are the facts that almost everybody else wanted to know, this technology is very helpful for our marines, coastguards and also the huge cruise ships to avoid from colliding with another vessel. It is a very important thing that a vessel must have.


Why is it so important for the maritime community? It gives a very big help for the maritime community to track the traffic situation in the sea and it the shoreline. It has a very fast reliable connection to the server and it will prevent form having accident in the sea. Vessels with AIS can be able to connect 20 to 30 miles all over the place and it has a very good signal because it is more like a satellite.


What is the impact of this device to the marine community all over the world?Are you a food lover? If you want to know the famous restaurant having good quality of food, visit this site. In here, you can see their food menu that will make you feel hungry and wanted to go there. Is it really important for a vessel to have this kind of device on board? Yes it is very important and in fact all the vessels are being required to have this kind of satellite tracker for the safety of everyone on board.

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